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constant juggling act?

You find the tasks involved in running your business are taking you away from the day job you really love - the reason why you set it up in the first place

You’d like to grow your business, but would struggle without putting additional support in place. Taking on more staff may not be an option.

If any of this sounds familiar, Pretty Practical Business is here to help and support you. I can take the stress away and allow you to focus on what you love doing – think of it like having a ‘business best friend’.


Whatever your business goals, I’ll help you to achieve them by identifying creative practical solutions. And if you’re not 100% sure what your goals are, I can help to determine those too. You’ll soon have clear structures and processes in place, providing the perfect foundation for a strong, successful and sustainable business.


To provide the business support you need, I take the time to learn all about your business - your mission, vision, why you’re passionate about you do, your values and beliefs, the products/services you provide, along with the challenges you may encounter. Once I have a holistic picture of your business, I can then help to identify practical ways in which everything can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, ensuring there is capacity for growth.

I understand that all businesses are different and that’s why I have a variety of services and packages, allowing you to select the support that’s right for you. The ‘Pretty Practical Power Hour’ helps to unpick a particular challenge you’re experiencing. Or perhaps you’d benefit from something more comprehensive like my ‘Pretty Practical VIP Partner Package’, a 12-week programme, looking at all areas of your business. 

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Business Support

A supportive approach that will transform your business. We believe that it’s about not only helping, but empowering business owners – that’s when the exciting magic can really happen.


"I couldn't have done it without her"

"In the time I’ve been working with Danielle she has taken all of the stress out of my business so that I can focus on what I’m really really great at.

Not only that, she has helped me really get to grips with my finances, so scaling to 6 figures is something we’ve achieved with ease. I couldn’t have done it without her"

Danni Wallace, I am the Queen Bee

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Helping you identify creative & practical solutions to your business challenges so you can achieve your goals

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